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AntlerMax™ Technology:

Provides top buck health, allowing each animal to reach its full genetic potential for antler growth, while lowering mortality rates during the rut.

Delivers top doe health, resulting in increased milk production, milk quality and overall fertility.

Builds strong, healthy fawns for lower mortality.

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How AntlerMax™ Technology Works:

Proprietary Trace Minerals – Optimal antler growth and overall deer health require a proper blend of minerals. That’s why Purina has done extensive studies to determine exact mineral requirements for growing antlers at various stages of development. AntlerMax™ goes beyond protein technology to also include exact proprietary types and ratios of trace minerals necessary for building optimal antler density and strength. Plus, Purina Mills Deer Chow™ diets are formulated regionally to adjust for mineral variations in soil and vegetation.

Patented Proteins – In deer, most proteins break down in the rumen (pre -stomach), decreasing their ability to support antler growth. But patented AntlerMax™ Technology in new Deer Chow™ naturally protects these high -quality proteins from rumen breakdown. Once protected, these proteins are digested by the deer in the stomach and small intestines instead of the rumen. The result – HUGE antlers much FASTER.

Supplemental Feeding Key to Maximizing Genetic Potential

Most deer prefer protein and energy-rich foods such as browse and leafy plants, over more fibrous grasses. Mother Nature typically provides nutrients through this natural forage to SUSTAIN a deer population. But rather than merely sustaining deer, most people are interested in growing them to their maximum genetic potential. Supplemental feeding can be the difference between an average deer and the world’s biggest deer. Plus supplemental feeding also helps deer live better, healthier lives.


They have unique nutritional requirements and feeding habits. As with every species, deer must be fed to meet their needs. Year-round supplemental feeding evens out the nutritional peaks and valleys caused by seasonal and environmental fluctuations.

Supplemental feeding has been shown to benefit all aspects of the deer’s life cycle.

  • Well-fed does produce more milk of higher quality resulting in bigger fawns.
  • Well-fed fawns grow faster, stay healthier and have higher survival rates.
  • Buck fawns who receive optimal nutrition early in life will have bigger antlers.
  • Intermittent feeding will not have the same results as year-round feeding; bucks who enter a feeding program in below average condition (such as right after rut) will spend nutrition on rebuilding body tissue, not antler tissue.
  • Research has shown that consistent, year-round supplemental feeding has positive results in terms of overall health (decreased mortality, increased parasite and disease resistance), bigger body size, better milking capability, more successful breeding, and more massive antlers.

Purina Mills new AntlerMax™ Technology will allow you to provide nutrition at levels never before possible.

AntlerMax™ is based on an all-natural patented protein extrusion technology that delivers higher quality proteins to growing antler tissue. The result is antler growth of unprecedented size, speed and mass, at earlier ages.

New AntlerMax™ is also formulated with a proprietary blend of trace minerals that provide optimal antler growth, strength and density.

Purina Mills Deer Chow
AntlerMax Deer 20

Simply put, new formula Deer Chow allows bucks and does alike to reach their maximum genetic potential. Plus, Purina Mills Deer Chow now comes formulated to compensate for regional differences in forage.

Thanks to WaterShield™, an option in the new Deer Chow formulas, feed loss can be minimized, saving you money. The exclusive WaterShield™ process protects pellets from atmospheric moisture. Unlike other feeds, new Deer Chow with WaterShield™ can withstand heavy rain and snow, with minimal pellet loss or breakdown. So you can rest assured that deer will crave this feed for as long as it stays in the field, in both good weather and bad.

Record Rack Deer & Elk Feeds
Professional Deer & Elk Feeds

Regionally designed to supplement free-range conditions where animals have access to natural browse and forbsand to match local conditions. High nutrient density delivers more economical feeding and more nutritional value with every pound of feed.

Benefits of Supplementing with Record Rack? Professional Deer & Elk Feeds:

  • Optimum Performance Formulas: Scientifically tested and field proven nutrition matches your unique forage conditions and ensures higher animal productivity, bigger antlers and record performance for every stage of development.
  • Palatability Plus: Proprietary nutrient formulation and Optimum Performance Technology deliver a unique and consistent blend of natural ingredients with Record Rack’s exclusive flavoring system to ensure maximum palatability and consumption.
  • By-Pass Amino Acid Balancing: Proprietary nutrient formulation and Optimum Performance Technology balance critical by-pass amino acid levels and provide the most bio-available source of amino acids for optimum growth and performance.
  • Organic Trace Mineral Complexes: Proprietary mineral complexes with organic nutrients provide the most bio-available sources of trace minerals and in the right ratios to ensure optimum utilization and enhanced metabolic performance.
  • Forage Max: Proprietary blend of select feed ingredients with added yeast maximize the digestibility and utilization of natural forbs and browse.
  • Water Guard Pellets: State-of-the-art-pellet design and proprietary nutrient formulation deliver built-in weather resistance to keep water out and valuable nutrients in. That means easier feeding, less waste and more bio-available nutrients for optimum performance.
Atascosa Wildlife Supply

We are able to supply you and your ranch with any type of deer and wildlife feeds.

  • Corn (Bagged or Bulk)
  • Milo
  • Cattle Cubes
  • AntlerMax™ (Bagged or Bulk)
  • Complete line of wildlife feeds available
  • Bagged (or bulk-delivered) corn, milo, protein feed and Purina 20% pellets are available for ranch delivery year round.

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